CMMI Levels

Various CMMI Levels and their significance

Level 1 ->  Uncertainty. Success depends on individual effort.
Level 2 ->  Awakening. Basic project management practices are established.
Level 3 ->  Enlightenment. Standard process throughout organization.
Level 4 ->  Wisdom. Detailed metrics are collected and evaluated.
Level 5 ->  Certainty. Continuous process improvement via metrics feedback.

Level 1 –> Ad hoc (Chaotic)
Totally ad hoc and chaotic driven by uncontrolled firefighting manner by sequence of events triggered by the reactive action from the users. Organizations must work to introduce atleast minimum process documentation at this stage.

Level 2 -> Repeatable
Some minimum process do exist at this stage but is more likely that it is largely unstable. Lot of friction and stress seen among the staff of the users to maintain the process rigor. Some organizations prefer to introduce ISO 9001 at this stage.

Level 3 -> Defined
A standard stage where set of standard defined processes were established with a scope of large improvement over a period of time. (called AS-IS processes). Further work is needed to improve the processes beyond certain point to bring up a ‘TO-BE’ process framework. LEAN may be introduced at this point.

Level 4 – > Managed
Process maturity is established at this level with set of quantitative goals for efficient process through put. The performance can be measured and monitored which seems to be predictable and controllable. Sixsigma may be introduced here.

Level 5 -> Optimized
At this stage the organization will have to focus on continuous improvement  through incremental and innovative technological changes/improvements. Kaizen change theory can be introduced and applied here.

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